Our business model enables us to:

Deliver superior customer value by satisfying needs such that strong customer relationships become a source of competitive advantage; develop product and application technologies that customers are willing to pay for and competitors cannot easily replicate; significantly improve operational effectiveness to substantially reduce wastage, rework and improve product reliability; and ensure all activities support the achievement of the company’s goals and strategies.

Our leading edge is better-than-benchmark technical service from expert teams who understand our customer’s processes, needs and problems. Working closely together with customers, we access global technical expertise, competitive raw materials and the latest trends in processing technology to deliver efficient, effective and timely compound solutions.

Welvic means customised compound solutions for our customers.  The vast experience of our account managers, engineers, technicians and global business alliances provides our customers with extra, personalised, problem solving resources to facilitate innovative products that become an essential part of the way we live, work and play.

We operate a technical centre with advanced analytical and processing laboratories.  It is also the source of our quality assurance and product development.  Our specialists deliver the latest in product and applications technologies.  Our customers can have confidence in the products we develop.

At Welvic we expect our customers to demand the very best products. We expect to deliver just that. Welvic is a quality endorsed company and we have ISO9001 certification at our manufacturing plants.  We constantly strive to continuously improve all our systems and processes, including benchmarking against international class leaders.  We use a variety of sophisticated systems and controls to ensure product quality is consistently manufactured and delivered to our customers.

Welvic manages its activities with respect and care for the health and safety of our workers. We believe all work-related injury and illness and work-related safety and environmental incidents are preventable and we are committed to eliminating them.

Additionally, we’re committed to to reducing our impact on the environment through:

  • Reducing solid waste going to landfill
  • Using environmentally friendly materials
  • Reducing emissions to air/water/sewer
  • Reducing liquid wastes
  • Reducing water usage
  • Reducing energy use in compound production
  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable environmental legislation and regulatory requirements.

From our comprehensive laboratory facilities through personalised account service to delivery the quality and quantity our customers need, exactly when they need it, Welvic is committed to providing flexible, customised vinyl solutions that create value for our customers.